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Company Overview

Since 1958, we have been meeting the needs of the clients with a zero defect array designed for maximum performance, minimum maintenance and long lasting life. Our 2 high technology production units make us able to develop high grade and latest technology products in bulk. In addition to this, our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to provide the clients with high end products designed according to their needs.

Today, the company has attained the zenith of success in the global market due to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Sunil Chatrath and Mr. Kamal Kishan, the mentors of the company. This is the result of their knowledge, sheer dedication and commitment towards quality that the company has garnered a long list of clients in the markets of Middle East, East Asia, East Europe, India and Central America.

Our Infrastructure

Our technologically advanced production units are well equipped with modern machines and tools to develop unmatched quality products in bulk at a very brisk pace. To manage these machines, we have recruited a team of experienced professionals working hard to meet the ever changing demands of the clients with the best and latest.

Products Offered

Tube Clamp Fittings

Three Socket Tee

Single Stanchion

L Key

Manhole Lid Lifter Cadmium Plated

Manhole Lifter

Railing Base Flange

Guard Rail Bracket

Adjustable Side Outlet Tee

Concrete Decking Guardrail Clamp

Warning Line Mast

Side Outlet Elbow

Stamped Steel Warning Flag

Guardrail Base Plate

Outlet Elbow

Manhole Guardrail Collapsible

Guardrail Toe Board

Fall Protection for Safety Guardrail

Warning Flag Line

Parapet Clamp Guardrail System

Tube Clamp Fittings

Plastic Plug

Grub Screws

Pipe Clamp Fittings

Single Swivel Socket

Clamp on Crossover

Railing Clamp Fittings

Swivel Flange

Straight Coupling

Side Outlet Tee

Guardrail Cross

Single Socket Tee

Quick Clamp Tube Fittings

Pipe Bending Machines

Three Roller Tube Bender

Special Purpose Pipe Bending Machine

Spring Pipe Benders

Spare Bending Formers

Circle Making Machines

Copper Tube Benders

Portable Electric Tube Roller Bender

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Conduit Pipe Benders

Compact Hand Tube Benders

Axis Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Benders

Pipe Bending Machines

Hydraulic Bender

Tube Roller Bender

Hydraulic Pipe Benders

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Compact Bar and Strip Benders

Hydraulic Pipe Bender with Double Frame Open Bending

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Tube Bending Machine

Compact Motorized Pipe Benders

Pipe Bender

Single Axis Arm Type Hydraulic Pipe Benders

Hydraulic Pipe Bender with Separate Pumps

Pipe Bending Machine


Pipe Wrench

Claw type Valve Wheel Wrench

Chain Pipe Wrench Forged

Double Open Valve Wheel Wrench

F type Valve Wheel Wrench

Basin Wrench

Reversible Ratchet Socket Wrench

Drum Tap Wrench

Valve Wheel Wrench

Filter Chain Wrench

Water & Gas Shutoff Wrench

Tub Drain Wrench

Aluminum Alloy Pipe Wrench

Adjustable Combo Wrench

Swedish Pipe Wrench

Rapid Grip Pipe Wrench

Single Open Valve Wheel Wrench

Electric Pipe Threading Machines

Electric Pipe Threading Machines

Multi Electric Pipe Grooving Machines

Electric Pipe Grooving Machines

Pipe Threading Machines

Bolt Threading Machines

Pipe Welding Machines

HDPE Pipe Welding Machine with Clamping

PPR Pipe Welding Machines

PPR Pipe Welding Sets

Special Purpose Machines

Pipe Notcher

Engineering Ratchet

Electric Hoist

Beveling Machine

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machines

Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine

Bolt Threading Machines

Electric Testing Pump

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Aluminum Alloy Under Pressure Drilling Machines

Pipe Chamfering Machines

Water Pump Pliers

Power Pipe Cleaner

Metal Craft Machine

Handy Cleaner

Online Under Pressure Drilling Machine

Diamond Core Drills

Bending Radius Gauge

Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Combination Pliers

Non Sparking Sledge Hammer

Non Sparking Socket Set

Non Sparking Combination Pliers Heavy

Non Sparking Chain Pipe Wrench

Non Sparking Ratchet Wrench

Non Sparking Long Nose Pliers

Non Sparking Pipe Cutter

Non Sparking Single Open End Spanner

Non Sparking Side Cutting Pliers

Non Sparking Brush

Non Sparking Double Open End Spanner

Non Sparking Screw Driver ( Slotted )

Non Sparking Brush Cup

Non Sparking Ring Spanners

Non Sparking Screw Driver (Phillips)

Non Sparking Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Non Sparking Open Ended Slugging Spanner

Non Sparking Bench Vice

Non Sparking Tool Kit Set

Non Sparking Offset Handle

Non Sparking Oil Pump

Non Sparking Chain Pulley Block

Non Sparking Universal Joint

Non Sparking Combination Spanner

Non Sparking Trolley

Non Sparking Sockets

Non Sparking Flies All types

Non Sparking Octagonal Flat Chisel

Non Sparking Sliding Handle

Non Sparking Ball Pain Hammer

Non Sparking Flange Wedge

Non Sparking Ring Slugging Spanner

Non Sparking Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty

Non Sparking Pipe Wrench

Non Sparking Water Pump Pliers

Non Sparking Claw Hammer

Plumbing Tools

Drain Key

Wrench Plumbing Tools

Combined Tap Drill for Construction

Plumbing Pliers

Faucet Seat Wrench

Repair Pipe Clamps

Ratchet Pipe Reamers

Faucet Reseater Kit

Plumbing Tool

Replacement Closet Flange

Y Strainer

Water Meter Key

Pliers for Plumbing

Plumbing Tools

Street Key

Bar Bending & Cutting Machines

Reinforcing Bar Bending Machines

Hydraulic Bar Cutters

Drilling Machine

Combined Tap Drill

Ratchet Drill Machine

Concrete Core Drillers

Pressure Drilling & Tapping Machine

Pressure Drilling & Tapping Machine

Under Pressure Drilling Machine

Hydraulic Under Pressure Drilling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machines

Pipe Beveling Machines

Cold Pipe Cutting Beveling Machines

Beveling Machines

Pipe Hand Tools & Cabinets

Tool Chest Cabinets

Adjustable Pipe Die Stocks

Ratchet Pipe Threaders

Rotary Pipe Cutters

Ridgid type Pipe Wrench

Universal Pipe Stands

Cutting & Crimping Tools

Drop Forged Bolt Cutters

Hinged Pipe Cutters

Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutters

Tube Cutters

Hand Pipe Crimping Tools

Pipe Cutter

Gas Pipe Cutting Machines

Hand Tools

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers

Adjustable Wrench

Anvil Block

G Clamp Heavy Duty

Water Pump Pliers Groove Joint

Ball Peen Hammers

Water Pump Pliers Box Joint

Basin Wrench

Single Open End Spanner

T Bar Clamp

Double Open End Spanners for Automotive Industry

Bearing Puller Three Legs

Flaring Tool

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Tower Pincer

Flaring & Swaging Tool Set

Special Tool Kit

Hydraulic Gear Puller

Mallet Hammer Soft Head

Measuring Tools

Try Square Stainless Steel Blade

Mason Square without Base

Plum Bobs with Brass Nipple

Tailor Square

Tire Depth Gauge

Iron Level

Bevel Square

Digital Tire Depth Gauge

Engineering Square

Depth Gauge

Leather Tool

Leather Welding Apron

Pocket Large Capacity Carpenter Tool

Pocket Nail and Tool Bag

Pipe Vice

Portable Pipe Vice

Bench Vice

Multi Purpose Vice Stands

Pipe Vice

Portable Chain Tri stand Vice

Double Rib Bench Vice

Chain Pipe Vice

Ring Spanners

Deep Offset Ring Slugging Spanners

Open End Slugging Wrench Spanners

Bi-Hexagonal Ring Spanners

Double Open End Spanners

Slugging Ring Spanners

Combination Spanners

Hydraulic Pliers

Hydraulic Cable Cutter Pliers

Ratchet Cable Cutter Pliers

Hydraulic Gear Pullers

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers

Die less Crimping Pliers

Pipe Circular Saws

Pipe Saws

Beaver Band Saws

Pipe Circular Saws

Hand Held Pipe Circular Saws

Ornamental Casting

Cast Iron Ornamental Casting

Aluminum Ornamental Casting

Ornamental Casting

Steel Ornamental Casting

Steel Files

Round File

Three Square File

Mill Two Square Edge File

File Set with Handle

Saw Files

Plastic Handle Inserts

Half Round File

Cabinet Rasp File

Handle File

File Set without Handle

Flat and Round Plastic Handle

Flat Wood Rasp File

Square File

Super Light Flat File

Choosing The Right File

Flat File

Half Round Wood Rasp File

Slugging Spanner

Deep Offset Ring Slogging Spanner

Open Ended Slugging Spanner

Ring Slugging Spanner

Industrial Flange

Base Flange

Wall Flange

Rear Spring

Automotive Parts

Automotive Bell Crank

Rear Break Drum

Front Sparing

Rear Hub

S.G Iron

Helper Bracket

Bracket Front

Scaffolding Parts

Prop Nut

Top Cup

Base Plates

Wing Nut

Adjustable Base Jack (Pipe OD 34 Mm)

Top Cup Bottom

Adjustable U-Head (Pipe OD 38mm)

Universal Jack (Pipe OD 34mm)

Spring Shackle

Front Spring Shackle

Automotive Shackle

Industrial Bracket

Rear Spring Shackle

Front Bracket

Front Spring Front & Rear Bracket

Heavy Duty Front Shackle

Hanger Shackles

Scaffolding Accessories

Industrial Accessories

Jack Nut

Two Wing Anchor Nut

Prop Nut

Water Barrier with Disc

Top Cup 3 Leg

Top Cup 4 Leg

Hospital Bed

Folder Bed General

Semi Folder Bed

Hospital Bed with Backrest

General Ward Beds

Plain Hospital Bed

Folder Bed

Folder Bed (Hospital Bed)

Pipe Clamp Fittings Type

Pipe Balancing Stand

Rooftop Equipment Mounting

Why Us?

Working from the past several years, today, our company is counted amongst the top manufacturers of Wrenches, Plumbing Tools, Special Purpose Machines, etc. We have given multiple reasons to the individuals that they should prefer us than the other companies. These reasons include:

  •     ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  •     Vast expertise
  •     2 sound production units
  •     High quality products
  •     Huge production capacity
  •     Strict quality control policies
  •     Wide distribution network
  •     Complete client satisfaction
  •     Prompt delivery

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