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Tube Clamp Fittings

The clamping bores of Tube Clamp Fittings are the two-way connector clamps, which have been mechanically machined as well as designed for construction tubes. These are apt for building a handrail, pmr, railing, and shelving. These can easily make temporary or permanent constructions ultra-solid. All pieces can render support to the axial load. These need zero welding or fire technique. Made of malleable galvanized iron, these ensure quality, strength, and conformity of production. The furnishings can be effortlessly assembled on pipes, so as to create the safety systems with no need of threading or bolting. These can be assembled with a simple hexagonal key and serve as the versatile system that enables changes on site. These are applicable for Handrails, Protective barriers, Fall protections, Fix railings, Machinery guard, Playgrounds etc.
Pipe Clamp Fittings
Pipe Clamp Fittings
Extensively used for the fittings of gas, water and oil pipelines, these Pipe Clamp Fittings are available in numerous dimensions and other related specifications for our clients to choose from